What is it that you do, exactly?


personal private events

Have a great party on your mind, but no where to host your friends? 

  • holiday parties

  • engagement parties

  • bridal showers

  • baby showers

  • birthday parties

//Pricing begins at $200 per hour with a mandatory cleaning fee of $150.

wedding receptions


Wanna skip the formal stuff and just go straight to the fun? You and your new beloved will love our space!

//Pricing begins at $1500 for 5 hours and includes cleaning fee.

business private events 

Need a place to gather your clients / potential clients for a networking event or show?

  • trunk shows

  • workshops

  • community & non-profit events

  • business meetings

//Pricing begins at $150 per hour with a mandatory cleaning fee of $100.


Studio De La Flor offers clean, white, crisp walls with a contrasting black concrete floor. With ample lighting available via permanent market lights, garage door, and built in skylight, you'll find the perfect light to showcase your products/ artistic concepts. Our lounge offers a moody, cool-Havana vibe full with foliage and shadows to add depth and dimension to your subject.

  • product photoshoots

  • lifestyle photoshoots

//Pricing begins at $100 per hour with optional $100 cleaning fee and will be subject to studio manager's discretion. 

collaborative workspace


In need of an office? Working from home is great and all -- until wearing pj's all day starts to take its toll. We've got you covered. 

We offer flexibility in our collaborative work plans.

Need an office/lounge for a day to meet with your clients and get your emails done in a few power hours? No problem.

//Daily rentals start at $50 per day.


Traveling to and fro and need a meeting place in between for a week? We've got your back.

//Weekly rentals starting at $280.

"But I want my company to be legit and my mail sent to a real address in a super cool location.. Can I get my mail delivered here?" Ask no further, your mailing address is considered home here with *celeb status*.

//$40 per month with option of 6 month subscription. option for renewal. 

//$35 per month for 1 year subscription. option for renewal.