Meet the faces!

Emily and Angie began Bloom Babes in the summer of 2013 when one of their greatest friends was getting married and needed them to provide the florals. What began as a side gig from the normal hustle, was quickly turning into a full time business. Soon enough, Angie's small craftsman home in Oceanside wasn't cutting it for these large floral orders anymore. Up until 2017, Angie and Emily searched far and wide for the perfect space to house their flowers and to call home when the work days became long. 

And then, studio De la Flor presented itself in 2017 when they needed it most. Their studio at the time had quickly become too small, and the lease was running out. Before Suite H became De la Flor, it was a Physical Therapy clinic. Turns out, the PT clinic was also too small for what they needed, but to Emily and Angie, it was an absolute gold mine. Before it became available for rent, they snatched that baby up and the renovations began as soon as the keys were handed to them. 

With months of elbow grease, hours of scraping floor glue, a zillion gallons of paint, inhaling dust while installing panels, and adding the pretty little details (to name only a few)... De la Flor was born. A true labor of love and hours of envisioning a beautiful place to create magical things.

De la Flor was inspired by the moodiness, raw, and lush foliage you might find in a little corner of Havana. Emily and Angie knew that their many plants would find a happy home in this place and that their long hours of floral work would be met with a comfortable, at home atmosphere.

Once the renovations were finished, Emily and Angie decided that this place was way too good of a secret to keep on their own. Their goal was to open it up so that others could also celebrate their work, family, and friends alike. 

From the team here at De la Flor, we are SO excited to offer you a space to bring these great things together. Hop on over to our Contact Page to get the conversation going! We can't wait to meet you.